September Workshops

JoanFrances Boyle

Saturday September 7th 

Time  9:30 am -4 pm

An Empathic Gift can be challenging if unfocused.  Are you controlled by your unfocused Empathic Gifts?  Do you know the extent of your Empathic Gift, let alone know how to use “it” to your best advantage for self and client?  “It” being the preverbal word!  

Are you afraid to explore your true gift as an Empath because you fear “it”?  Do you want to accept, learn and advance yourself as you truly are “An Empowered Empath”?  Do you understand and enjoy your Empathic Gift but want to explore “it” more? 

If the answer is YES then you have reached out to the right workshop for you!  Come join Joanfrances Boyle, Intuitive Empathic Diagnostic Consultant Teacher.  Come learn and resolve the 6 Empathic challenges.  A true Empath knows how they work intuitively with their Seven senses.  So, come and allow Joanfrances to aid you in identifying your unique Empathic gift through various Interactive Vibrational Intuitive Exercises.  An Empowered Empathic Journey.

Closing Mediums Day Festival

 September 14, 2019 

10:00 am - 4 pm

Join us for our end of the season Mediums Day Festival.

Mediums available for Private Readings

Healers and Vendors In the Temple

3:00 pm- Closing Ceremony

Great Thunder Chicken Drummers

at the Temple


4 Park St. Northport Maine