Rosy D'Elia July 26th - August 1st

Spiritual Medium and Healer

Rosy D'Élia is a medium, Ordained Spiritual Minister, healer and energy teacher for over 30 years. From an early age, she became aware of her abilities and began to share her gifts to facilitate the journey of those who feel the need to awaken. In her practice she combines her inner guidance with other techniques designed to awaken the innate self-healing abilities of her students. Her teaching links psychology, spirituality, connection to the soul, regression in present and past lives, and powerful healing energy. 

You can meet her at gatherings and spiritual workshops. In addition to being a medium and energy therapist, she is also a facilitator of crystal healing circles (lithotherapy) and spiritual retreats. She has served in South America, the United States and Canada. She was also the Quebec coordinator of Edgar Cayce, and served in several spiritual centers in Montreal. Rosy can work with you and facilitate in English, French and Spanish.