GARY MASCHER, B., S., M.Ed How Science and Spiritualist’s Beliefs Are Part of the Universal Comprehensive Order

 Saturday  JUNE 29th - 9:30am-Noon

Albert Einstein was quoted as saying

in comprehensive knowledge of the Universe is all comprehensive.

 ” From a Spiritualist perspective“ all is in perfect order.” 

  Also quoted in 1973 

“Science without religion is lame, 

and Religion without science is blind.”

The purpose of this presentation is to bridge 

the gap between

 Religion, Spirituality and Science.

Quantum Theory has classical features that I

believe enhance the understanding of Spiritualist’s

Practices. This could not have taken place through

the classical model of how research was performed

utilizing old models of testing hypothesis.

Quantum Theory opens the door by exploring the

world and universe from a sub-atomic level or the

level of what we currently understand in

relationship to vibration and energy.

Please join me in exploring how Science and

Spiritualist’s Beliefs are part of the Universal

Comprehensive Order in a presentation that can be

comprehended and provides evidence supporting

Meditation, Healing, Prayer and Mediumship.

Don't miss The Great Thunder Chicken Drummers at our Opening & Closing Mediums Day events

Saturday June 22, 2019 


The Great Thunder Chicken Drummers were

brought together by Peter Baldwin in Mid-Coast

Maine in 2008. They have performed

harmoniously during solstices and equinoxes in

response to ancient Otomi/Toltec/Teotihuacan

prophecies about healing our Mother the Earth.

Today their quarterly ceremonies are performed

synchronously in 192 countries with the internet,

to heal all persons, relationships and ecosystems

within our galaxy and beyond. The members are

not uniformly Native American. Tom Thornton, a

Sun Dance Singer and mentor for the Boy Scout

Order of the Arrow, is the group Song Leader, Phil

White Hawk is the Drum Keeper and Elder, Star

Walker, Little Pretty Shield, Murielle, Mike, Ronn,

Cindy and Chuck. The group has been together for

9 years and finds healing, joy, laughter and

Spiritual reinforcement in playing and singing

together in English, Mi”Qmak and sometimes

Cherokee and Sanskrit. The group welcomes your

participation in sharing their teachings at our

OPENING and CLOSING Mediums Day Festivals this

year. We are thrilled to have them join us!