TBA with Gary Macher

JUNE 29th - description TBA

INTRO TO SMOKE BILLETS with Kimberly Charest

JUNE 24th- Have fun cultivating your intuitive gifts! Kimberly  delivers to you a way of cultivating your psychic and intuitive abilities through this technique called “Smoke Billets“.  It is a form of communication with Spirit through smoke energy work.  This technique is also called Spiritual Art, where you call on your spiritual teachers, angels, guides and loved ones to guide you to create an amazing work of art. • Fun to do: This easy to use tool can be utilized by anyone as a point of psychic focus. • Simple: It is your intuitive interpretation of images that are created on paper which has passed through a candle flame. • Magical and Heartfelt: When the energy pattern meets the person a synchronicity occurs. Signs become obvious, hidden thoughts or feelings are exemplified. You will learn and apply the use of “Smoke Billets” to provide guidance and insight to your life’s circumstances. 


JUNE 24th- This workshop focuses on helping participants identify tools and resources available to support them in this difficult process.  Nancy brings a genuine love of people, together with a depth of understanding and compassion via her personal journey, in creating a safe space within a healing environment.