Joanfrances Boyle - September 1st - September 7th


Throughout her life, Joanfrances has continued to develop her natural abilities as a Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, Clairsentient, Clairambiant, and Claireliant.  She loves working with people to help improve their quality of life, both in healing and personal and business guidance sessions.  Joanfrances confidently conducts consultations both for private individuals and within the business sectors, using her remote viewing skills as the Psychic Property Surveyor, Psychic Readings, Business Projections, Past, Present and Future Readings, Life Path and Past Life Reading, Spirit Guides/Angel Communication and Soul Contracts.  Joanfrances is accredited at a Mater Teacher level of Usui, Karuna, Amaran and Dimensional Reiki Healing.  In addition Joanfrances is qualified in Clinical Hypnotherapy (incorporating all 60 aspects of hypnosis), Indian Head Massage and Energetic Sensory Therapy (E.S.P) and Past Life Energetic Therapy.  She is a member of F.I.R.E. at Executive Fire-walking Instructors Level incorporating fire-walking with bare feet, glass walking with bare feet, re bar bending with your throat, board and brick breaking with your bare hand, arrow breaking with your throat and lots of low and high rope techniques.

Joanfrances is also renowned for her expertise in intuitive Aura and Chakra Readings, Artistic Aura Drawings and conducting demonstration with the worldwide acknowledged Aura Photography Camera named "Aura in Motion".  She serves public, private and corporate clients.

WORKSHOP:  Day In The Life of an Empath-Saturday September 7th