Gary Mascher - June 23th- June 29th


Gary Mascher, B.S., M.Ed., was born in Brooklyn in 1945. His grandmother was a spiritualist, medium, and healer and his mother is also a medium. Gary served as a Navy Corpsman in the Vietnam war,specializing in Psychiatric practice. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Occupational Therapy and a Master’s in education. For the past 46 years, he worked with people in recovery from mental illnesses. Gary is a member of the Augusta Maine Spiritualist Church where he facilitates awareness classes, specializing in Mediumship, Meditation, and Spiritual awakening. He also serves at the Temple Heights Spiritualist Camp in Northport, Maine and has been welcomed at churches in Massachusetts, Florida and Arizona. People who seek Gary our praise his accuracy and steady pace bringing assistance. He will be glad to make a connection for you .  


GARY MASCHER, B., S., M.Ed How Science and Spiritualist’s Beliefs Are Part of the Universal Comprehensive Order

Saturday  JUNE 29th - 9:30am-Noon