Erica Lee July 19th - July 25th

Spiritual Medium

Touched by the gift of Spirit, Erica Lee considers herself incredibly blessed to have the opportunity to share it. As a child always in touch with the Spirit World, she considers it a gift, a pleasure, and an honor to bring her native gift and wealth of accumulated knowledge to each one of her sessions. Naturally talented and extensively trained, she has been blessed to give innumerable readings in locations as diverse as Ireland, Salem, Massachusetts, Liguria, Italy and the Gold Coast of Australia. Erica has studied with several celebrated international Mediums, including Tony Stockwell and world renowned Marvis Pittilla. To Erica, Spirit is not merely a profession, but first and foremost a passion. 

As an intuitive medium Erica relays messages of love, healing, guidance, and communication from Spirit. She provides spiritual guidance, intuitive advice, information to inform and assist in decisions, and especially to hear from those loved ones who are still very much present, though they have passed away. She relishes every opportunity to serve a vessel for loving communication between loved ones in Spirit and those of us gathered here among the living. Erica is deeply honored with a sacred responsibility to act as a vehicle for such connection between worlds.