Brenda Colfer

Chakra Tribe Experience

Monday July 8th 2019  7-9 pm

The ChakraTribe Experience ~ We gather into a

circle before beginning the dance. After explaining

the dance process and introductions we begin the

night with a warm up to prepare our bodies for

movement. Then explore our moving meditation

further by connecting to the base chakra and the

element of earth. We navigate our way up the

chakra system taking about 10 minutes for

each. Typical dance/moving time is around 80

minutes. At any point if one feels the need to

simply be and sit down, that is fine too. As we

move into the upper chakras this is normal. We

gather into a circle again at the end to bring the

evening to a close.

I discovered over the years that movement/dance

is a great way to move and shift energy, to tap

into my creativity, to gain clarity, and to access my

own deepest wisdom. It is like going into a

shamanic journey or a trance dance to awaken

self-awareness. This is an opportunity for you to

do your own work and have fun at the same time.

Bring a pillow to class for the evening.

Monday July 22, 2019 7-9 pm

Soundings for the Spirit

An evening of exploring sacred sound. Sound

created with intention initiates an expansion of

consciousness, stimulates a process of purification

within us and calls our soul’s highest potential to

unfold in our life. We will explore a variety of

sound tools together. You may wish to bring a

yoga mat or pillow to rest on during this process.