August Workshops

"Spiritual Boot Camp With The Council of Engma and Susan St. Jean."

AUGUST 10th 1:00-4:00 p.m 

 The Council of Engma has been channeling higher teachings through Susan since 2007. All of the love, wisdom and healing of Engma consists of Jesus, The 12 Apostles, Archangel Michael, Archangel Raphael, Moses, Muhammad, and Einstein.  

This workshop is for anyone who has a strong desire to live more fully in the remembrance of your true self as a divine being. As humans, while our spirit experiences this lower dimension of the earth plane, Spiritual Amnesia becomes part of our journey. While in Spiritual Amnesia the Ego of the lower self over shadows our remembrance and creates our perceived reality through the lens of separation.

Come to the sacred space of this transformative workshop ready to be vulnerable and raw as Jesus and Engma masterfully lead you towards Divine Remembrance.  We will begin with a guided meditation as Engma melds their energy with you and continue with an open forum platform where participants can ask questions and Susan will channel Jesus and Engma's higher teachings.  For the benefit of all in the group, please ask questions from a universal perspective so that through the teachings, each of you can come home unto yourself as a light-filled, spiritually seeded expression of God.

Please Note: Participants will not only be receiving the higher teachings while Susan channels but will also receive Energetic Transmissions of Engma’s Combined Consciousness Frequency Signature to assist you in the ascension process.  Please know the energy can be quite palpable and is a common part of the experience.  Therefore, it is advised to drink plenty of water for at least 3 days following the workshop.   

"Use your mediumistic potential" with Sue Dhabi

Saturday August 3rd- 9:30-12pm

 Reconnect with your beloved ones

Strengthen your mental and spiritual mediumship

 Develop a better personal communication with your spirit team

 Receive better understanding of the system of spirit communication

 Get support from spirit world

 Use your clear sentience's to get in touch with the other world

 Build up an amazing energy in your field 

Laurie Xanthos

Saturday August 31


"Harness the power of your Soul"

Lets take a Shamanic Past Life Journey, enabling you to view previous lifetimes. The journey will unfold many specifics of how you came to be who you are today. Past life traumas are removed which empowers you to harness the strength and authenticity of your higher self. This process will increase your connectivity to self and to spirit, a healing of your soul, you do not wan

Rev.'s Bill Colfer and Rev. Sharon Siubis-2019 Mediumship Intensive Weekend Part #2

AUGUST 17th - August 18th

  (two day workshop ) 9:30am - 5:00pm 

Become the architect of your own Mediumship as you build the key elements of communication.  Strengthen the areas of dialogue and achieve the best of your individual abilities.  Available for all levels - for those beginning their Mediumship as well as those who want to sharpen and strengthen their skills. 


* Review of linking and structure

* Learning how to deal with difficult communicators and clients

*Getting yourself out of problems

*Advanced techniques of communication and dialogue

*Public Demonstration Structure


AUGUST 18th- He was known as the “God of the Gods,” “King of Justice,” and the “Greater Benific.” These are just a few of the titles the ancients bestowed on Zeus (Greek) - Jupiter (Roman). In Hindu Astrology he is also known as “Guru” or teacher. The influence of this regal planet acts to expand your consciousness and wisdom. He brings opportunities for personal growth and success. He can bring more joy and a sense of confidence into your life, his energy inspires you to achieve your goals and overcome limitations. You’ll feel a sense of freedom, enthusiasm and hope for the future. You believe you can succeed and therefore you do succeed. There is a down side to his powerful energy which occurs when you do not moderate your actions and desires. It manifests in foolish gambles and a lack of wisdom, so do be careful. There are many keywords associated with Zeus - Jupiter.  Here is a list: Aspirations, Cheerful, Education, Excess, Expansiveness, Extravagance, Faith, Fortune, Future, Generosity, Grace, Higher learning, Knowledge, Hope, Luck, Magnanimous, New horizons, Optimism, Opulence, Philosophy, Religion, Ritual, Seeker, Trust, Truth, Self-improvement, Wealth, Wisdom. Jupiter enters Sagittarius on November 8, 2018. This will be one of the important astrological events of the year as he begins a new 12 year cycle of bounty. His energy will effect your chart - no matter what sign you are born under. Attend this class and be prepared to take advantage of the Blessings and Abundance of Jupiter, King of the Gods.

WORKSHOP TBA with Joanfrances Boyle

September 6th - A Day in the 

Life of an Empath 






An Empathic Gift can be challenging if unfocused. 

Are you controlled by your unfocused Empathic Gifts? 

Do you know the extent of your Empathic Gift, let alone know how to use “it” to your best 

advantage for self and client? “It” being the 



Are you afraid to explore your true gift as an E

mpath because you fear “it”? 

Do you want to accept, learn and advance yourself as you truly are “An Empowered Empath”? 

Do you understand and enjoy your Empathic Gift but want to explore “it” more? 

If the answer is YES then you have reached out to the ri

ght workshop for you! 

Come join Joanfrances Boyle, 

Intuitive Empathic Diagnostic Consultant Teacher 

Come learn and resolve the 6 Empathic challenges. A true Empath knows how they work intuitively 

with their Seven senses. So, come and allow Joanfrances to

aid you in identifying your unique 

Empathic gift through various Interactive Vibrational Intuitive Exercises.

An Empowered Empathic Journey

Journey to Your

Reincarnation Chamber 


Sunday August 19

Do you want to know why you chose your Body, Era and the Geographical Location of your 


Do you want to know why you chose the family you did?

Do you want to know why you have certain Habits,

Phobias, and Fears in this life?

Do you want to know why you have certain talents and abilities in this life?   

Do you know why you 

certain genetic dysfunctions?

Do you want to know 

what fate awaits you?





workshop with Joanfrances Boyle

Clinical Hypnotherapist and 

The Scottish Seer 



you to find the answers! She uses a combination of Traditional Hypnotic Regression combined with 

her Unique Gift of Past Life Surrogacy! 

Joanfrances believes a proportion of our fate is already mapped out for us

even before we are born

The answers a

ll await us in our Reincarnation Chamber, where we have the opportunity to address 

and change 

our predestined fate 

if we so wish. 

The Reincarnation Chamber 



the place to achieve, overcome and confront all your Karmic 


Are you ready to face 

a brighter future?