August Workshops

"Spiritual Boot Camp With The Council of Engma and Susan St. Jean."

AUGUST 10th 1:00-4:00 p.m 

 The Council of Engma has been channeling higher teachings through Susan since 2007. All of the love, wisdom and healing of Engma consists of Jesus, The 12 Apostles, Archangel Michael, Archangel Raphael, Moses, Muhammad, and Einstein.  

This workshop is for anyone who has a strong desire to live more fully in the remembrance of your true self as a divine being. As humans, while our spirit experiences this lower dimension of the earth plane, Spiritual Amnesia becomes part of our journey. While in Spiritual Amnesia the Ego of the lower self over shadows our remembrance and creates our perceived reality through the lens of separation.

Come to the sacred space of this trans formative workshop ready to be vulnerable and raw as Jesus and Engma masterfully lead you towards Divine Remembrance.  We will begin with a guided meditation as Engma melds their energy with you and continue with an open forum platform where participants can ask questions and Susan will channel Jesus and Engma's higher teachings.  For the benefit of all in the group, please ask questions from a universal perspective so that through the teachings, each of you can come home unto yourself as a light-filled, spiritually seeded expression of God.

Please Note: Participants will not only be receiving the higher teachings while Susan channels but will also receive Energetic Transmissions of Engma’s Combined Consciousness Frequency Signature to assist you in the ascension process.  Please know the energy can be quite palpable and is a common part of the experience.  Therefore, it is advised to drink plenty of water for at least 3 days following the workshop.   

"Use Your Mediumistic Potential" with Sue Dhaibi

Saturday August 3rd- 9:30-12pm

Reconnect with your beloved ones.

Strengthen your mental and spiritual mediumship.

Develop a better personal communication with your spirit team.

Receive better understanding of the system of spirit communication.

Get support from spirit world.

Use your clear sentience's to get in touch with the other world.

Build up an amazing energy in your field. 

Laurie Xanthos

Saturday August 31, 2019


"Harness the Power of Your Soul"

Lets take a Shamanic Past Life Journey, enabling you to view previous lifetimes. The journey will unfold many specifics of how you came to be who you are today. Past life traumas are removed which empowers you to harness the strength and authenticity of your higher self. This process will increase your connectivity to self and to spirit, a healing of your soul, you do not want to miss!

Rev.'s Bill Colfer and Rev. Sharon Siubis-2019 Mediumship Intensive Weekend Part #2

AUGUST 17th - August 18th

  (two day workshop ) 9:30am - 5:00 pm 

Become the architect of your own Mediumship as you build the key elements of communication.  Strengthen the areas of dialogue and achieve the best of your individual abilities.  Available for all levels - for those beginning their Mediumship as well as those who want to sharpen and strengthen their skills. 


* Review of linking and structure

* Learning how to deal with difficult communicators and clients

*Getting yourself out of problems

*Advanced techniques of communication and dialogue

*Public Demonstration Structure

 ”3 Minutes a Day for 30 Days CAN Change Your Life”_ with Laura Lee Perkins  

Saturday August 24th   

9:30 am-Noon    

Spiritual growth doesn’t require you to become a hermit or to change your life completely.  But it does require commitment to a simple daily practice. By simple, I mean a minimum of just 3 minutes each day. In our often hectic world of constant demands, are you wondering

how you could ever add another commitment to your daily routine? Read and then decide.

If a daily practice of just 3 minutes a day allowed the other 1,437 minutes of your day to flow more easily, would you be willing to try the daily practice for 30 days? 

"Predicting Your Future" with Rev. Tom Kearns

August 17 Saturday 9:00 am – Noon


"Predicting Your Future"

2019 - 2020 Will Prove to be Challenging but

Powerful Years. How will the energy released

change your life? Discover the hidden power and

passion in your Astrology chart. Unleash your true

potential! This is a one on one class!

Our world is facing amazing changes. Will you be

flexible and prepared to take advantage of the new

opportunities that come your way? During 2019 -

2020 Jupiter, (Zeus, King of the Gods) will transit

Sagittarius the sign he rules bringing opportunity

for prosperity. Saturn (Chronos - the Lord of

Karma) and Pluto (Hades - God of the Underworld)

and Jupiter in 2020 all transit Capricorn, the sign of

Government and Bureaucracy. We have all seen

the struggles in these areas of life. Uranus (the God

of Chaos) will transit Taurus, the sign that rules

land, farming, banking and other foundational

areas of life. Hold onto you bank book! Neptune

(Poseidon - God of the vast Oceans) will continue

to transit Pisces the sign he rules bringing spiritual

and creative awakening. (Has it rained enough?)

Will you be ready for all these changes?

Rev. Thomas F. Kearns BS MA, a Professional

Astrologer and Spiritualist Medium for over 45

years, presents an entertaining and enlightening

glimpse into the future. Each individual attending

will gain personal insight (based on their Astrology

Chart) for the changes that will affect their

lives. What will the planets bring - love, money,

happiness, success or challenge? If you want some

helpful insight into your life don't miss this exciting